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Orion Fiction Historical Fiction HB / ETPB May £14.99 360pp 978 1 4091 7337 3 / 978 1 4091 7338 0 eBook: £14.99 / 978 1 4091 7340 3 Audio: £19.99 / 978 1 4091 7341 0 / 10 hrs

‘Who is the rising star of historical fiction? I say Ben Kane’ – Wilbur Smith

BEN KANE Clash of Empires

The Roman legion and the Greek phalanx have never met in combat . . . until now. This is the story of the greatest military showdown in the ancient world.

It is the turn of the 3rd century BC. Hannibal has just been defeated, and Rome now turns its eyes on Greece, stretching its military muscles into the birthplace of civilisation. In three tumultuous years Greece – the birthplace of Aristotle, Plato, Socrates and Alexander of Macedon, whose soldiers saw off the invading Persian hordes at Thermopylae, whose phalanxes made the world tremble – fell beneath the inexorable Roman legions’ march. This victory cemented the birth of the mightiest empire that has ever existed.

Ben Kane has written nine consecutive Sunday Times Top 10 bestselling novels about the Roman legions, and sold half a million books in the UK alone. In his trademark style, the novel follows both soldiers on the ground, caught up in the press of the shield wall, and the great political figures of the day, manoeuvring their forces in a game of strategy that would change the balance of power in the ancient world for ever.

ben Kane is one of the most successful historical writers in the industry. His third book, The Road to Rome, was a Sunday Times No. 4 bestseller, and every title since has been a Top 10 bestseller. Born in Kenya, Kane moved to Ireland at the age of seven. He now lives in Somerset with his wife and two children.

Orion Fiction • May 2018


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