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Gollancz Science Fiction HB January £18.99 / £14.99 496pp 978 0 575 09058 3 / 978 0 575 09059 0 eBook: £9.99 / 978 0 575 09062 0 Audio: £19.99 / 978 1 409 17091 4 / 15 hrs

Alastair Reynolds is a million-copy-selling author whose first novel, Revelation Space, has sold more than 100,000 copies in the UK alone.

ALASTAIR REYNOLDS Elysium Fire a brilliant new mystery from the author of The Prefect. This is a gripping tale of technology, revolution and revenge featuring Prefect Dreyfus – one of alastair Reynolds’s most popular characters.

One citizen died a fortnight ago. Two a week ago. Four died yesterday . . . and unless the cause can be found – and stopped – within the next four months, everyone will be dead. For the Prefects, the hunt for a silent, hidden killer is on . . .

Alastair Reynolds has returned to the world of The Prefect (reissued as Aurora Rising) for this stand-alone SF mystery in which no one is safe. The technological implants which connect every citizen to each other have become murder weapons, and no one knows who or what the killer is – or who the next targets will be. But their reach is spreading, and time is not on the Prefects’ side.

alastair Reynolds was born in Barry, South Wales, in 1966. He studied at Newcastle and St Andrews Universities and has a Ph.D. in astronomy. He stopped working as an astrophysicist for the European Space Agency to become a full-time writer.



Location: Mid Glamorgan, Wales

Gollancz Science Fiction & Fantasy • January 2018