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Gollancz Fantasy TPB February £20.00 400pp 978 0 575 12969 6 eBook: £10.99 / 978 0 575 12970 2

M.D. LACHLAN The Night Lies Bleeding

Norse myths, werewolves and World War ii collide in the final volume of the bestselling series which began with Wolfsangel.

World War II. For one immortal werewolf, the London Blitz means little. Soon he will have to give up his identity, begin a new life. Before the wolf emerges.

Chance leads him to a gruesome murder scene, and he realises another war is being fought. The runes want to be together, and bring the wolf’s story to an end.

Germany – a weak-willed doctor is entangled in the Third Reich’s fascination with the occult and Norse myths, believing the runes will bring them power.

If they succeed, Ragnarok will come.

M.D. lachlan is a journalist living and working in the UK. Wolfsangel has been translated in nine countries. Writing as Mark Barrowcliffe, Lachlan wrote Girlfriend 44.


Location: Brighton, Sussex T: @mdlachlan

Gollancz Science Fiction & Fantasy • February 2018

Gollancz Science Fiction TPB February £18.99 400pp 978 1 473 20594 9 eBook: £9.99 / 978 1 473 20595 6

URSULA K. LE GUIN Dreams Must Explain Themselves and Other Essays 1972–2004

an essential collection of astute and powerful essays from one of modern literature’s most original voices.

Ursula K. Le Guin has won or been nominated for over 200 awards for her fiction, including the Hugo, Nebula, World Fantasy and SFWA Grand Master Awards.

But her talents do not stop at fiction. Over the course of her extraordinary career, she has penned numerous essays around various themes including anthropology, environmentalism, feminism, social justice and literary criticism. This selection of the best of Le Guin’s non-fiction shows an agile mind, an unparalleled imagination and a ferocious passion to argue against injustice.

ursula K. le Guin is one of the finest writers of our time, attracting millions of devoted readers and numerous awards, including the National Book Award, the Hugo (including the 2017 Hugo Award for Best Related Work for a collection of essays entitled Words Are My Matter: Writings About Life and Books, 2000–2016), Nebula Awards and a Newbery Honor.


Location: Portland, Oregon T: @ursulaleguin