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Gollancz Fantasy HB April £16.99 / £14.99 384pp 978 1 473 22346 2 / 978 1 473 21807 9 eBook: £8.99 / 978 1 473 21809 3 Audio: £25.00 / 978 1 409 16785 3 / 18 hrs

The novels behind the sensational Witcher games are back, and there are storms on the way . . .


The Witcher returns! a new novel set in the early days of the Witcher saga – the inspiration behind the bestselling series of games.

Geralt – the witcher whose mission is to protect ordinary people from the monsters created with magic. A mutant who has the task of killing unnatural beings. He uses a magical sign, potions and the pride of every witcher – two swords, steel and silver. But what would happen if Geralt lost his weapons?

Andrzej Sapkowski returns to his most popular hero in a stand-alone novel where Geralt fights, travels and loves again, Dandelion sings and flies from trouble to trouble, sorcerers are scheming, and across the whole world clouds are gathering – the season of storms is coming . . .

Andrzej Sapkowski’s fantasy cycle about the sorcerer Geralt de Rivia turned him into a bestselling writer and he is now one of Poland’s most famous and successful authors.

andrzej sapkowski, the Polish superstar, is now a British bestseller! All THREE video games based on the Witcher series have been bestsellers. The latest, Wild Hunt, won over 240 Game of the Year awards.



Location: Lodz, Poland

Gollancz Science Fiction & Fantasy • April 2018