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Gollancz Fantasy HB June £16.99 / £13.99 320pp 978 1 473 20781 3 / 978 1 473 20782 0 eBook: £8.99 / 978 1 473 20784 4 Audio: £25.00 / 978 1 409 16176 9 / 14 hrs

Every Peter Grant novel published has been a Sunday Times Top 10 hardback bestseller. 1.3 million copies sold across the series.



a fabulous new adventure, london under threat, and the scent of magic in the air . . . it must be a new PC Grant mystery . . .

PC Peter Grant has a new case, and it’s going to take London by storm. There’s a confrontation coming, and the Faceless Man may never be more dangerous than when he’s cornered . . .

The seventh in the bestselling series which began with Rivers of London, this is the best yet.

‘ben aaronovitch is a master of metropolitan magical mayhem and the action is delightful. This is a tight thriller that is compelling and buckets of fun’ Starburst

‘The Hanging Tree is definitely one of the best in the Grant/aaronovitch pantheon. There again, so have most of the previous books in the series and the odds are the next one probably will be too’ The Bookbag

‘Filled with detail and imagination . . . aaronovitch is a name to watch’ Peter F. Hamilton ben aaronovitch is the author of the Sunday Times bestselling PC Peter Grant series of novels. Ben has also written for television, including Doctor Who.


Location: Belsize Park, London T: @ben_aaronovitch

Gollancz Science Fiction & Fantasy • June 2018