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A brave and searing memoir that boldly confronts a recognised global epidemic that is rarely discussed – chronic pain affects over a third of the UK population.

JULIA BUCKLEY Heal Me In Search of a Cure


a brutally honest, darkly funny and profoundly moving memoir about the author’s global search for a cure to chronic pain.

Julia Buckley needs a miracle.

Like a third of the UK population, she has a chronic pain condition. According to her doctors, it can’t be cured. She doesn’t believe them. She does believe in miracles, though. It’s just a question of tracking one down.

Julia’s search for a cure takes her on a global quest, exploring the boundaries between science, psychology and faith with practitioners on the fringes of conventional and alternative medicine. From neuroplastic brain rewiring in San Francisco to medical marijuana in Colorado, Haitian vodou rituals to Brazilian ‘spiritual surgery’, she’s willing to try anything. Can miracles happen? More importantly, what happens next if they do?

Searing and unsentimenal, Heal Me raises vital questions about the modern medical system historically skewed against ‘hysterical’ female patients – and explores the struggle to retain a sense of self under the medical gaze. It explains why modern medicine’s current approach to chronic pain is failing patients, studies the importance of faith, hope and cynicism, and examines our relationships with our doctors, our beliefs and ourselves.

It’s also the story of a cure that was never supposed to happen.

Julia buckley is a journalist whose work has appeared in the likes of National Geographic Traveller, The Sunday Times Travel Magazine and the Independent, where she was travel editor.


Location: Cornwall

W&N Non-Fiction • January 2018