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W&N Fiction HB / ETPB March £14.99 / £13.99 320pp 978 1 4746 0756 8 / 978 1 4746 0757 5 eBook: £14.99 / 978 1 4746 0759 9 Audio: £19.99 / 978 1 4091 7537 7 / 10 hrs

A riveting literary thriller perfect for fans of Louise Doughty’s Apple Tree Yard, Harriet Lane’s Her and Sadie Jones’s The Outcast.


How far will a mother go to win back the son she walked on out on.

It’s 1969. The summer of love still lingers in London, but Gilda is haunted by her wartime past. She walked out on her son, Reuben, when he was just a boy, and fears he’ll never forgive her. When he marries a small, blonde Gentile, she takes it as the ultimate rejection. Her cold, distant son seems transformed by love. What does his new wife have that she doesn’t?

As Gilda’s obsession builds, she starts to follow her daughter-in-law, copies her hairstyle and breaks into the newlyweds’ home. Watching her son and his wife stumble through their first few months of marriage, she is forced to reflect on how she ended up so alone. And when new and shocking truths come to light, she has the opportunity to put the past to rest. She must decide between doing what is right and the tantalising prospect of revenge.

an extraordinary novel exploring themes of obsession, guilt and forgiveness, inspired by the author’s grandmother who was sued for adultery in the 1940s.

Francesca Jakobi studied psychology at Sussex University followed by a stint teaching English in Turkey and the Czech Republic. Since returning to London she has worked in journalism, and is currently a layout editor at the Financial Times.



Location: Twickenham, Middlesex T:@fjakobi

W&N Fiction • March 2018