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W&N History HB March £25.00 384pp 16pp colour illustrations 978 1 409 15851 6 eBook: £25.00 / 978 1 4091 5853 0

IAIN BALLANTYNE The Deadly Trade A History of Submarine Warfare

The dramatic and largely untold story of submarine warfare from its invention in the sixteenth century, to the Cold War, and up to the present.

Acclaimed naval writer Iain Ballantyne has written a comprehensive account of underwater conflict and the brave individuals who have risked their lives. He recounts the incredible story of how an initially ineffectual boat evolved into the most terrifying vessel ever invented. Today, nuclear-powered submarines are among the most complex, costly and deadly ships in existence, with the ability to destroy millions of lives. At the heart of this thrilling narrative lurks danger and power as we discover warfare’s murkiest secrets.

Having written about the global activities of the Royal Navy for more than twenty years, iain ballantyne has first-hand experience aboard most types of warship, from nuclear-powered submarines and aircraft carriers, to destroyers and frigates. He is also the author of Hunter Killers.


Location: Plymouth, Devon

W&N Sport HB April £18.99 304pp Integrated images in black and white 978 1 4746 0476 5 eBook: £18.99 / 978 1 4746 0475 8

JOHN MCMANUS Welcome to Hell? In Search of the Real Turkish Football

The first book to shine a light on modern-day Turkey through its passionate football culture.

Whenever people in Britain talk about Turkish football, they don’t tend to talk about camaraderie, hospitality and humour. They mention banners proclaiming ‘Welcome to Hell’. Or Leeds United fans stabbed on an Istanbul street. But is that what Turkish football is really all about? Through visits to far-flung clubs, encounters with characterful players and experiences at riotous matches, John McManus makes the case for defining football in Turkey by more than violence and washed-up superstars. From the elite training facilities of Istanbul to dusty pitches on the Anatolian plain, Welcome to Hell? offers a unique take on this rich, funny and alluring football culture, at once both familiar and miles apart from the game in Britain.

John McManus is an academic and writer based in Istanbul who has lived in Turkey on and off since 2008. He is fluent in Turkish and has written about the country’s football for the Guardian and BBC Sport website.


Location: Istanbul, Turkey

W&N Non-Fiction • March / April 2018