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NANCY GOLDSTONE Daughters of the Winter Queen Four Remarkable Sisters the Crown and the Enduring Legacy of Mary, Queen of Scots

The extraordinary lives of the seventeenthcentury Queen of bohemia and her four remarkable daughters.

The glamorous Elizabeth Stuart (1596–1662) was known as the Winter Queen because of her husband’s all-too-brief reign in the kingdom of Bohemia. She was born the daughter of James VI and I of Scotland and England, and became the mother of four daughters who would live to change the course of history: her namesake Elizabeth, Louise, Henrietta and Sophia. From the great courts of Europe and opulent palaces to war-ravaged villas; through love, sorrow and political intrigue, Daughters of the Winter Queen provides a panoramic view of seventeenthcentury Europe as seen through the lives of these fascinating women.

Nancy Goldstone is the acclaimed author of four previous history books. The most recent, The Rival Queens, is set at the Valois court at the time of Catherine de’ Medici and her daughter, Marguerite.

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LEONIE FRIEDA Francis I The Maker of Modern France

The author of the bestselling Catherine de’ Medici examines her father-in-law, King Francis, who transformed France into a great nation.

King Francis I (1494–1547) was the perfect Renaissance knight – the movement’s exemplar and its Gallic interpreter. A renowned patron of the arts (he acquired Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa), diplomat par excellence and contemporary of Machiavelli, he was the founder of modern France, whose sheer force of will and personality moulded his kingdom into the first European superpower. With access to private archives that have never been used in a study of Francis I, Leonie Frieda explores the life of a man who was the most human of the monarchs of the period, and yet remains the most elusive.

leonie Frieda speaks five languages and is a member of the Institute of Linguists. Her biography of Catherine de’ Medici was a bestseller on both sides of the Atlantic and was translated into six languages.


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