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When Saturday Comes No 369 November 2017

Chesterfield fans caught ball-watching

REGULARS 5 Editorial The FA are quick to point out racism in other nations but handle their own cases terribly 6 Sidelines Red k n app ge t s t he Blue s ; Manchester – c i t y of football culture; students aim to take on pros; Huddersfield ditch the kids; time for action 12 Shot! A trip to the Channel Islands to watch

Guernsey host Corinthian-Casuals 17 Harry Pearson column On-pitch entertainment can come in many forms and it isn’t always intentional 24 Focus on Kevin Keegan’s time in Hamburg, which brought the club their first Bundesliga title

Although a frequent figure of fun, no one has doubted Motson’s meticulous competence and professionalism John Motson’s retirement p28

30 Euro view North London gets a splash of Cologne as the

G e r man c lub enjoy t he i r Eu r opea n advent u r e 31 World view Uruguay and Argentina’s joint bid for the 2030

World Cup is gatecrashed by Paraguay 40 Books Fu l h am a nd Engl a nd gen iu s Joh nny Hay ne s ;

anatomy of Sunday league; football in number s ; t he l i f e of a s uper a gent 42 Letters I miss two points for a win…

46 Season in brief Heady times for northern clubs as they dominate Division Four in 1966-67

FEATURES 14 Going Dutch Frank de Boer’s short stint at Selhurst Park was indicative of the fall from grace that has beset theNetherlands’footballculture 18 Moments in the sun For a few months the FA Cup sent Sean Geddes and Worcester international; Roy Essandoh’s pinch-yourself moment for Wycombe 20 Match of the month Tough times at Chesterfield, who find themselves in a fight for their League place – perhaps they could learn from their visitors


The ashes of 25 fans are scattered in the garden; on the wall is a mosaic of the club’s record appearance holder Chesterfield v Accrington Stanley p20

26 Body building The g ame’s s t yle of pl ay h a s ch a nged s o much i n r e c ent yea r s t h at pl aye r s lo ok l i ke w r e s t l e r s 27 Dangerous liaisons Meet the people whose job it is to set up superstars’ gas, electricity and satellite TV 28 Drop the mic Farewell John Motson, the most innocently excitable commentator there has ever been 32 Up stream Ex-pats can share their fellow fans’ agony like never before; tech giants set to stamp on Sky 36 Team spirit: Southampton Bat t l i ng t o f i nd a good s pot at The Del l ; i s n’ t i t time Saints got credit for their league titles? 39 Still with us Stalybridge Celtic are a tale of what might havebeenhadtheirownerpersevered

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