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the psychologist july 2017

02 Letters 10 News

Terrorism; and more

20 Summer activity! Quiz, crossword; and more

24 Excellence amongst piers

Reports from the Society’s Annual Conference in Brighton

38 Is slowness the essence of knowledge? Eloise Stark

42 Pull up a chair

Matthew Pugh on chairwork

48 False memories of childhood abuse Chris Brewin and Bernice Andrews consider the evidence

54 Faces in the wild


Brian Parkinson ‘A man got to do what he got to do’ Chris Athanasiadis on men and the stoic approach

T o n y

D a l e

66 ‘Living well with dementia has become a key focus of policy’ We meet Linda Clare

72 Careers We meet James Olav Hill,

and Hugh McCredie

78 Books Including Jackie Abell’s shelfie

84 Culture

Reviews, plus a special feature on ‘the power of the arts’



Looking back Immanuel Kant’s influence A to Z

This was my 18th British Psychological Society Annual Conference, and still they can surprise me. In Brighton, it was James Pennebaker (see p.35). At the first evening social event, on the pier, he had spent it being generous, interesting and attentive. As the night drew to a close, he asked me hopefully ‘Do you know Catherine Lido? I heard her give an absolutely fascinating talk this morning, I’d really like to meet her.’ What point am I making related to this month’s content? None really, I just thought Pennebaker’s presence at the conference from beginning to end was an example to all, and the type of thing that makes Society conferences so valuable.

I know it’s not always easy to make time for The Psychologist (in print, let alone our increasing amount of exclusive online content). And many of you will ruefully say ‘summer break? What summer break?’ But I hope you get a chance to dip into another packed and varied issue, including some summer fun on p.20. Dr Jon Sutton Managing Editor @psychmag

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