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Editorials The Monsanto Test Zac Goldsmith India Cheers While Monsanto Burns Paul Kingsnorth A Very Happy Birthday for NAFTA Paul Kingsnorth

12 Our Urban Future?

David W. Orr 15 And Some Good News...

Zac Goldsmith

Features 16 Entertainment Foods

by Claire Hope Cummings

28 Asian Financial Crisis: The Movie

by Walden Bello Walden Bello, author of the seminal Dragons in Distress, which correctly identified all the weaknesses of the so-called Dragon economies more than ten years ago, explains in this article what really caused their current economic woes.

33 Respecting Nature: The Maori Way

by John Patterson At the heart of Maori philosophy is the concept of Mauri, a life force which unites all creatures and enables them to flourish. Respect for Mauri necessarily leads to a respect for nature and our place in it. An accompanying understanding that man is neither detached from nor sovereign over the natural world, but rather that there is no dichotomy between the two, has enabled traditional Maoris to achieve and maintain balance in their relationship with the natural world.

39 Water Fluoridation: the truth they

don't want you to know by Robin Whitlock The government is preparing to pressurise water companies to fluoridate the public water supply, supposedly to improve public health. In reality such legislation is merely a convenient excuse to dispose of a chemical which is highly toxic both to the environment and to human health.

A revolution has taken place in our eating habits and its implications for agriculture, health and the environment are enormous. The interests of agribusiness and fast-food corporations are now merging with those of the media and entertainment industries, and the result is an unprecedented corporate takeover of our food supply which is transforming not only how we eat, but also how we think. Food has lost its significance, has been wholly de-ritualized, and has become little more than pre-packaged family entertainment.

2 0 Nasty, Brutish and Short?

By Sally Fallon In order to believe that our society has 'progressed', we must believe first that the lives of our ancestors were indeed nasty, brutish and short. But, as study after study has confirmed, the health of traditional peoples was vastly superior, in almost every way, to that of modern industrial man.

42 Where Development Will Lead To

Mass Suicide by Monica del Pilar Uribe Marin In Colombia, the U'wa have a culture that is one of the most deeply rooted in tradition: today that culture is on the verge of extinction, and the U'wa people, unprepared to compromise their ways to accommodate oil exploration on their lands, and a fundamentally destructive 'development' pattern, are threatening to commit collective tribal suicide.

47 Reviews

Shamans and Elders by Caroline Humphrey with Urgunge

Onon reviewed by Natalie Tolbert The Grip of Death by Michael Rowbotham reviewed by

Frances Hutchinson Against the Grain by Marc Lappe and Britt Bailey reviewed

by Miyoko Sakashita In Brief See centre pages.

The Ecologist, Vol. 29, No 1, January/February 1999