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BLUEBLOOD ������������������������������� 32 It’s all about some of those you may not have seen or heard yet. Big River (UK), John P Taylor Band (UK), London Blusion (UK), Mark ‘Pork Chop’ Holder (USA), Mike Biggar (CAN) and Voodoo Blood (UK).

MARCUSMALONE(USA) ������������ 68 Read how Marcus believes he has been on a musical journey to become ‘A Better Man’.

GOV’T MULE (USA) �������������������� 72 Warren Haynes talks about Gregg Allman's influence on him. Plus all the inside gen on the new album straight from the Mule's mouth!

RED LICK TOP 20 ������������������������ 88 RMR BLUES TOP 50 �������������������� 94 IBBA BLUES TOP 50 ������������������ 100


ROBERT PLANT (UK) ������������������ 38 The former rock-god talks to Iain about his new album and the importance to him of keeping his music rooted and real.

CHRIS REA (UK) ������������������������� 42 Despite the Northern Slidemaster's physical restrictions following a stroke, Chris is still going down that road. SUPERSONIC BLUES MACHINE (USA) � 48 Fabrizio Grossi, the band's spokesperson, talks about the band and their reason to get this project together. He has some fascinating stories.

JONNY LANG (USA) �������������������� 76 Thirty-six years old and twenty years in the business. Now there are bound to be stories there...

SAMANTHA FISH (USA) �������������� 80 Eight albums on and this young lady is still handing out ‘Chills And Fever’. Find out if she's just another girl with a guitar.

HAMILTON LOOMIS (USA) ��������� 84 Hamilton opens up about his son and the rareconditionCongenitalHyperinsulinism (HI) that he has, as well as his new album.

FEATURES ������������������������������ 11

Bankie Banx Blues, Bobby G, Summertime Blues Ray Dorset, Ten Years After, The New York Connection and Phenomenal Blues Women.

JANIVA MAGNESS (USA) ������������ 54 What a tale this lady has to tell, and she shares some of it with our reviewer and DJ Clive Rawlings.

SCOTT HOLT (USA) ��������������������� 60 Find out why Buddy Guy took this guy under his wing some thirtyeight years back, when Scott played second guitar to him. BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION (USA) 64 Glenn Hughes, Joe Bonamassa, Jason Bonham and Derek Sherinian make up this super group. Glenn gives us the lowdown on the band.


ALBUMS ��������������������������������������� 89 Check out all of the latest blues CD releases.

SHOWTIME �������������������������������� 117 FESTIVALS – Carlisle Blues Rock Festival (UK), Saltburn ‘Howzat’ Festival (UK), Day of the Blues (UK), and Woodstock Rhythm & Blues Festival (IRL) GIGS – Chastity Brown, Funke and the Two Tone Baby, Lucky Peterson, Ricky Cool and the In Crowd, Wille and the Bandits, Ten Years After, and William Bell.


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