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Brutus The Noble Conspirator Kathryn Tempest Brutus’s leading role in the assassination of Caesar immortalised his name, but the verdict on his act remains out to this day. Was he an unscrupulous killer, or a constant and noble patriot? This engaging new portrait sets aside the myths and reveals him more surely than ever before. Hardback £25.00

Feeling Jewish (a Book for Just About Anyone) Devorah Baum Delving into fiction, film, memoir and psychoanalysis, Baum presents a dazzlingly original exploration of feelings that increasingly define life for us all. ‘Psychologically penetrating and wonderfully funny.’ – Zadie Smith Hardback £18.99

Big and Small Cultural Histor y of Extraordinary Bodies Lynne Vallone This analytical tour-de-force investigates bodily size difference as a distinctive cultural marker in Western thought. Exploring depictions of miniaturism, giganticism, obesity, Lynne Vallone addresses the implications of using physical measures to judge normalcy, goodness, gender identity and beauty. Hardback £20.00

Winter Highlights

The Country House Library Mark Purcell An informative, engaging and beautifully illustrated overview of British country house libraries. ‘Magisterial (and beautifully illustrated).’ – David Jenkins, Tatler Published in association with the National Trust

Hardback £45.00 150 colour + 50 b/w illus.

The Tiger in the Smoke Art and Culture in Post-War Britain Lynda Nead Innovative and interdisciplinary, this study of the art and culture of postwar Britain reveals how film, television, advertisements and painting expressed the concerns of a society struggling to forge a new identity. Published in association with the Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art Hardback £35.00 190 colour & b/w illus.

Calder The Conquest of Time: The Early Years: 1898 – 1940 Jed Perl In this beautifully written, deeply researched book art critic and author Jed Perl shows how Alexander Calder became an avant-garde artist with enduring appeal. Hardback £35.00 400 colour & b/w illus.



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