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When Saturday Comes No 371 January 2018

Wrexham on the defensive in front of the deserted Kop at the Racecourse Ground

REGULARS 5 Editorial The FA’s new r e t r o s pe c t i ve pu n i shment r u l e s have been tested and come up short 6 Sidelines Hampden market; Dulwich dilemma;

Ipswich’s invisible owner; Arsenal fans get nostalgic; Tangerines’ dreams coming true 12 Shot! Harwich & Parkeston host Barnston at their long-time home, the Royal Oak 15 Harry Pearson column Owning a football used to be key to avoiding being the dreaded final pick 24 Focus on Pau l L a ke , t he Manchester C i t y s t a r i n t he making whose career was ruined by injury

It’s easy to assume we are all busy playing FIFA but for many young fans the cost of following a team is just too steep Price of football p16

36 Euro view Italy have failed to qualify for the World Cup,

but the players are not the major problem 37 World view Peru end their long wait and get one over on t he i r b i t t e r r i v a l s i n t he pro c e s s 40 Books Charting Manchester United’s history;

thinking-man’sgame;celebratingBobBooker; Bradford Park Avenue go all TimeTeam 42 Letters The first African to score at Wembley was…

46 Season in brief Sheffield United win their only title while the

League cause controversy at the bottom

FEATURES 16 Talkin’ ’bout my generation Ticket pricing for over-16s is unfair and putting off one of the most important age groups from attending matches; how casual observers were turned into fanatics 19 Curbing your enthusiasm Tony Pulis’s dreary style made some West

Brom fans abandon their team 20 Match of the month Wrexham a r e t r y i ng t o ge t bac k i nto t he

L e a g ue at t he t ent h t ime of a sk i ng , w i t h Ebbsfleet United their latest visitors


A drum bangs, the whole whirring thump sounding like a giant, faintly sinister washing machine Wrexham v Ebbsfleet United p20

26 Near misses The Republic of Ireland’s capitulation has

Martin O’Neill under pressure; Northern I r e l a nd ’s be s t ch a nce h a s be en s n at ched away 28 Team spirit: Luton When Pau l Walsh a nd B r i a n St e i n swapped

Luton for England; having nothing to moan about is an unusual feeling for Hatters fans 32 Green green grass of home Bikes for goalposts, 20-a-side, ball in the nettles

– the days of the impromptu kickarounds 34 Midland bankers Halesowen Town are living life on the edge but their community are rallying; Solihull Moors are a merger success story 38 Second the best Manycupfinallosersarebetter remembered thantheirtriumphantopponents

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