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Inside The Wire 407 | January 2018

31 Rewind 2017: the year in underground music 32 Releases of the year We asked our contributors to nominate their top ten records, CDs, downloads and streams of the year, then we counted up the votes 38 Critics’ reflections Our contributors look back on 2017’s cultural highs and lows 39 Bordering On Chaos Joe Muggs on the increasing importance of global music networks 41 Performing Miracles

Robert Barry on the narrowing gap between modern composition and performance

42 Survival Instinct Marc Masters on post break-up bands

45 In The Grey Area

Britt Brown examines the legacy of Oakland’s Ghost Ship fire 47 Columnists’ charts Our specialist critics select music that rocked their corner of the subculture, from avant rock to the outer limits 50 Artists’ reflections A cast of 2017’s most active movers and shakers shine the spotlight on their cultural year 53 Archive releases of the year Our contributors voted for their top 10

archival records, CDs, downloads and streams, and we counted them all up

6 Masthead 8 Letters 10 Bitstream

News and more from under the radar 19 Unofficial Channels

RE:VIVE 107 Out There Festivals, concerts, gigs and club listings

112 Subscribe Print, digital, downloads and CDs


14 Wilted Woman Producer Lizzie Davis stays home and gets anxious. By Chal Ravens 16 Domas Strupinskas & Saulius Petreikis The Lithuanian folk duo get creatively anachronistic. By Francis Gooding 18 Rakta The Brazilian witch rock trio bring mythology to screaming life. by Meg Woof Global Ear 20 Lagos Meeting challenges from new media, the

Nigerian capital’s broadcasters are stepping up their game. By Jack Pepper Collateral Damage 22 Box Set Blues The box set has consequences for the very music it is designed to celebrate and preserve. by Sam Lefebvre Invisible Jukebox 24 Hessle Audio Will Ben UFO and Pearson Sound find themselves “Blanked” by The Wire’s mystery record selection? Tested by Chal Ravens 86 The Inner Sleeve Joachim Nordwall on Cabaret Voltaire’s The

Voice Of America 114 Epiphanies Neil Kulkarni recalls a whacked out juvenile trance

60 Reviews Index

61 Soundcheck New vinyl, CDs, downloads and streams, plus reissues and specialist columns, including: 62 Donald Sturge Anthony McKenzie II No justice? No peace. By Greg Tate 69 Godflesh The meatmen stomp again. By Nina Power 83 Magma/Art Zoyd

Zeuhl’s out. By Daniel Spicer 87 On Screen New films and DVDs: Theo Anthony’s Rat Film 88 Print Run New music books: mid-century vinyl, punk and modernity, The Raincoats, Rebecca TuhusDubrow on the Walkman, and more 92 On Site Recent exhibitions: Sonica Festival, John

Akomfrah 94 On Location Recent festivals, gigs and clubs: Digging The

Global South, Shabaka & The Ancestors, Simple Things, and more

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