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The Magic of What’s There


I    The Discovery

I quam a Quunnock 11 The Grace of JCBs 12 Dr Seuss Passes through the Gates of Heaven 13 The blue whale’s heart is a four-chambered car 14

Naked Poem 15 The Discovery 16

II Husbandry

Mercy 19 Husbandry 20 Innocence 23 Lesson Three 24

III  The Field Guide

Wheatear 31 Gravity 32 Lorca, an Apparition 33

Hassle 34 Migration 35

IV Sycamore Bark

Red Spider Mite 39 After a Song by Gustav Mahler 40 A Spectrogram by Messiaen 41

A Duet by Schubert 42

Sycamore Bark 43

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