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p. 16 Zimbabwe: The new power dynamics Will the fall of Robert Mugabe from power usher in a new era of economic recovery for Zimbabwe or is it a case of old wine in a new bottle?

Readers’ views 04 Your comments and letters Kaleidoscope 08 Briefs 11 Quote/unquote 12 Photo of the month Editorial 15 Voting with minds, not hearts Cover story: zimbabwe 16 Old wine in a new bottle? 20 The new power structure: Winners and losers 26 The economic recovery:

Mission impossible? Baffour’s beefs 28 Why Robin Cook’s ghost is smiling peakers’ corner 34 Second-hand cult debases Africa Analysis 36 Africa’s ruling dynasties Knowledge is power 46 Culture: The secret path to excellence Events 48 Africa 2017 Forum Letter from london 52 A year to celebrate Native intelligence 54 The strategy behind the North

Korea sabre-rattling ound africa 57 Kenya: What next for Odinga? 58 Angola: Lourenço walks reform tightrope 60 Nigeria: Atiku resignation widens gaps in ruling APC 62 West Africa: Shake-up for the status quo The arts 66 The dying art of fantasy coffins 70 Review: Film Africa 2017 Back to the future 74 Slave auctions –

some home truths

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