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14 Anti-capitalism: alive and wellJohn Hilary examines the victories and challenges of the

global justice movement’s decade since Seattle

10 An ability to persuadeFrom the Birmingham Six to the family

16 Reinventing democracyMariane Maeckelbergh argues that of one the

movement’s key innovations has been its approach to democratic decision-making

30 Home-grown in LebanonResponding to the discussion on political Islam in the

last issue of Red Pepper, Bilal El-Amine considers the experience of Hizbullah

32 What’s left in Eastern EuropeLeigh Phillips spoke to Stefan Zgliczy ´nski and

Jane Hardy about whether the left can get out of its post-Soviet doldrums in the region

19 Transitional demandsSarah Irving investigates the transition movement and its

local-level fight using the power of community

22 Unions se gren light on climateChris Baugh explains how unions are to responding to the

urgency of climate change with an agenda of ‘just transition’

of Jean Charles de Menezes, radical barrister Michael Mansfield has represented them. Jon Robins met himCoverPhotograph by Jess Hurd/ Report Digital

24 ESAY: Climate indebtedA transfer of wealth and power from global North to South is

essential to averting climate catastrophe, argues Tim Jones

34 Chemical criminalsTwenty five years ago, the world’s worst industrial disaster

took place at Bhopal in India. Rajwinder Sahota visits

36 The community revolutionPablo Navarrete and Steve Ellner look at popular

democracy taking root in Venezuela’s barrios

40 Equality of lifeMatt Sellwod spoke to Richard Wilkinson, whose

book The Spirit Level makes a powerful evidence-based case for equality

44 Conservatives 2.0With the Tories still setting the political agenda in the

run up to the election, Alex Nuns looks at what a Cameron government might actually have in store for us

46 All together nowWith public sector spending cuts the new orthodoxy,

the trade union movement needs to mobilise a stronger counter-attack, argues Heather Wakefield

50 Busting the straitjacketRolling back the new ‘common sense’ of spending cuts

might seem a difficult job, but it’s not impossible, argues Mike Marqusee

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