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22 The Imagination of Tim Burton A retrospective tracing the trajectory of Tim Burton’s creative imagination.

26 A Fusion of Text and Image American artist, Barbara Kruger, questions the culture of consumerism.

30 The Spectacle of the Everyday Biennale de Lyon has enough art and energy to connect to a global audience.

34 Digital World  Artists embracing the computer age transcend the boundaries of the organic and the artificial.

38 The Universality of Departures Yojiro Takita’s Oscar winning film, a starkly honest portrayal of the ceremony of death.

42 How to Animate: Part 1 The award winning, BAFTA nominated The Brothers McLeod discuss Ideas & Inspiration.

44 Promo for the People Musicians have taken their promotion out of the hands of big companies, creating a DIY approach.

46 A.A.Bondy The influencing environment on an Indie-Folk transformation

48 Emotional Journeys into the Self Simon Robson’s debut novel, Catch, examines the notions of identity and vulnerability.

56 Love & Loss in Palestine Amir Nizar Zuabi’s new play, I Am Yusuf and This Is My Brother, explores the personal over the political.Regulars15 News20 10 to See 50 New books: Diamond Star Halo55 Author Q&A: Tiffany Murray59 Live on Stage63 Listings65 Subscribe66 In conversation with: Philip IlsonReviews51 Books47 Music


The Universality of Departures


Promo for the People


Emotional Journeys into the Self

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How to Animate: Part 1



56 I Am Yusuf and This Is My Brother

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