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Milton and the Making of Paradise Lost William Poole “[A] smart and original book on Paradise Lost... It offers a complex literary history by way of an extended biographical reading of a single poem... [An] excellent book.” —The Spectator


Oscar Wilde The Unrepentant Years Nicholas Frankel “[A] detailed and finely judged account of Wilde’s life after prison.”

—The Guardian £23.95

Safe Passage The Transition from British to American Hegemony Kori Schake “In ‘Safe Passage: the Transition from British to American Hegemony,’ Kori Schake explores the period when Britain passed the mantle of international hegemony to the United States — a peaceful transition we don’t often think about, and perhaps even take for granted, despite some real tension between the two countries.” —Washington Post £23.95

The Idea of the Muslim World A Global Intellectual History Cemil Aydin “Where did the idea of a single continuous Muslim world come from? Aydin traces it back to the late nineteenth century... The Idea of the Muslim World [is] a tightly argued and impressive book.” —Times Literary Supplement £23.95

The Origin of Others Toni Morrison “The Origin of Others examines a subject you can’t escape even if you try - racism - with the purpose of revealing the often hidden, stubbornly shadowy aspects of its beginnings. […] In this era of stark division, distrust and state-sponsored xenophobia, it is hard to imagine a more timely and laudable message than the plea for understanding, with its separation of the fact of culture from notions of racial essentialism, and its implicit faith in the importance, and transformative power, of literature.” —Times Literary Supplement £18.95


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