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ContentsVolume 62 No 4 Aug/Sep 2015

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Nicola Hemmings on sperm’s incredible journey to the egg PAGE 18



Why resurrecting a mammoth isn’t a good idea 09 GENOMES GALORE How do we ensure that

DNA data is useful? 10 POLICY

Food security around the world, and policy news 12 INTERVIEW

Sir David Attenborough talks to Professor Alice Roberts about his career


Nicola Hemmings on what makes a winning sperm 22 CLUB CLASSIC

Mike Samworth on the Postal Microscopical Society 24 CELL CULTURE

Julie Russell explains the importance of cell lines in fighting disease 28 HOW TO… FIND FOSSILS

Grace Paget’s palaeontology tips for beginners


Society news and opinions; Inside View; and members’ images 32 SPOTLIGHT ON… Immunology 34 MEMBERS 37 REVIEWS 40 BRANCHES 46 BIOFEEDBACK 47 CROSSWORD 48 MUSEUM PIECE

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