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CONTENTS – VOL 167 NO 49 3-5 News 3 Quaker forum relaunched 4 Cumbrian Quakers recovering from floods 5 Seeing ourselves as others see us 6 What is our message?

Jack Cummings 7 Comment

Judith Baker and Chris Smith 8-9 Letters 10-11 ‘Water is like gold’

Hannah Brock 12-13 Arts: An exploration of Jewishness

A prayer or blessing to be read or said daily, ready to cut out and place on a fridge, in response to the global threats being discussed in Copenhagen.

In the morning: May we live this day in love – for ourselves for one another and for our planet.

In the evening: Thank you… that we lived this day in love – for ourselves for one another and for our planet.

An invented people? Harvey Gillman Not all of one mind Judy Kirby 14 How do we make a new economy, and fast?

Alice Yaxley 16 Q-eye: Music brings faiths together

Anne van Staveren 17 Friends & Meetings

Cover image: Accessing water in Kenya. Photo: James Prosho. See pages 10-11.

from Susan Groves of Devon Area Meeting, now based in Cape Town.

The Wave The National Climate Demonstration takes place in London this Saturday 5 December – the eve of the Copenhagen Climate Summit. Friends wishing to join the ‘wave’ of people surrounding Parliament are advised to look out for a large Quaker banner at 12 noon at Speakers Corner, Hyde Park or 1pm at Grosvenor Square, or to call Sam Walton on 07814 683906. Westminster Friends will be offering tea and a place to get warm in the Meeting house on St Martins Lane after the event.

Correction John Whitley, author of ‘Action on HIV and AIDS: a Quaker concern?’ (20 November) can be contacted at and not the address given with the article.

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