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2 Reader’s Letters

3 From the Editor

4 What’s New

The JR Interview 5 Catching Up with Wesker

Golda Smith discovers the playwright’s 70th birthday wishes We Too Were Refugees 8 The Kindness of Strangers

Karen Lewis talks to Richard Attenborough Remembering 10 V iewing the past with vision

David Clark marks the 70th birthday o f the Jewish Museum Crossing Cultures 12 Anna Wyner

Lucille Grant interviews the mosaic artist with catholic tastes Community - The J ews of Ukraine 14 Flames and Fanfare l ,000 years o f history in 800 words by Margaret Brearley 15 Olga Rapai Markish

Cheryll Berrcbi visits an Aladdin’s cave in Kiev 16 Nothing Short of a Miracle

Vivienne Lewis finds hope in the midst o f poverty 17 Cast Your Bread Upon the Waters

Margaret Brearley on the help that is pouring in 18 J ewish Ukrainian Writers

Find Out More

J udaism and.... 20 Judaism and the Earth

Vivienne Cato asks whether Judaism is ecologically sound 22 KOL NlDRE

Cecil Bloom on the history o f the melody and the prayer

We Too Were Refugees 8

^ ™ mi #|

wwA i. nw i; : ;u(Widow, ffaisiih MFI

Viewing the Past with V ision 10

City Spotlight - Budapest 29 Places to Go, Things to S ee 30 Chronology 31 Budapest talent, Find Out More 32 IS THERE A RENAISSANCE?

The A rts 33 The third string

New series on cross-cultural collaborations by Josephine Burton 34 The Meidners return

Diane Michaels provides the background to the current Ben Uri Exhibition 36 Barnett Newman

Lucille Grant interviews Jeremy Lewison about the Amercian Expressionist whose work comes to Tate Modern in September The A rts in Israel 38 Pioneer Composer

Joseph Tal interviewed by Malcolm Miller B o o k s 40 20th Century Writers

A Jewish Cossack: Cecil Bloom on Isaac Babel 41 Reviews 43 Young Readers 44 BookEnds

Quiz, writing opportunities F ood 46 Recipe: Borsch 46 R e s t a u r a n t R e v ie w

Philip Baum enjoys an extravaganza Letter from Israel 47 V iew fr o m J e r u s a l e m

Hannah Lcvinsky Koevary 48 Last Words

Definitions and origins - from cheder to Haskalah

Centre Section: pages 23-27 Three Month Guide to Events in the UK and Beyond

Small Ads Page 28 Reader Offers Pages 27 and 48

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