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R enaissance VOLUME 3 ISSUE 2 WINTER 2004


W HAT’S NEW 2 Israeli Educators visit London 4 Bridging the Divide

Book Week Braves the Boundaries SOAP BOX 5 Fewer Machers, More Unterschleppers

Please Samuel Warshaw DEBATE 6 Should Jewish children go to Jewish schools

Clive Lawton and Jonathan Romain argue for and against THE JR INTERVIEW 8 Lessons from Jo Wagerman

Golda Zafer-Smith HERITAGE 11 The Zion Mule Corps Peter Marsh

JUDAISM AND ... 12 Judaism and Secret Societies

Ariel Abel

13 THE JEWS OF GLASGOW City of Culture

14 Sir Jeremy Isaacs Small but still vibrant

14 Stephen Kliner Timeline Kenneth Collins 15 Farewell to the Gorbals

16 Chaim Bermant Players for the People


Ida Schuster Berkeley on the Jewish Institute Players Yom Ha-Rabbie Burns

17 Avrom Greenbaum Benno Schotz Erica Gordon 18 Hannah Frank Janet Levin 18 Marianne Grant

19 Julie Reichman The Wolfsons Janet Levin 20 Eduard Bersudsky

21 Erica Gordon The Musical Scene 22 School o f Many Colours 22 Find out More




MUSIC 29 Young Musicans Hit the High Notes

Deborah Smith on Oi Va Voi, Lawrence Joffe on Los Desterrados, Yitzhak Meir Helfgot, Gaby Wine on llan Volkov and Benjamin Wolf 33 Only in America

Malcolm Miller on the New York Festival FILM 34 Harwood and Hollywood Judith Mirzoeff 35 Festival Sonia Zafer-Smith reviews the

UK Jewish Film Festival 36 ARTS IN ISRAEL

Tel Aviv Bauhaus Gloria Deutsch ART 38 Forgive and do not Forget

Erica Gordon on the background to the Jenny Stolzenberg's Ben Uri Exhibition BOOKS 39 Anti-Semitism Analysed

Irene Newton reviews three books 40 Novels from Israel

Reviews of Yehoshua and Horn novels by Judith Mirzoeff and Marge Clouts 41 Festival Cookery Marlene Spieler's book reviewed by Stephanie Segal 42 Bernice Rubens Divided Loyalties reviewed by Golda Zafer-Sm ith Jewish composers Peter Falush on a new compendium 43 Young Readers review

Letters from Rivka by Karen Hesse POETRY 44 Glasgow Dreaming

Ross Bradshaw on four Glasgow poets 45 Poetry Choice Liz Cashdan chooses from readers' submissions 45 When is a Poet a Jewish Poet?

Michael Baron on Henry Shukman FOOD 46 Recipes

Scottish Jewish Strudel and Haggis LETTER FROM ISRAEL 47 Letter from Jaffa 2

Susan Lourengo on a theatre and a bookshop LAST WORDS 48 Scottish Yiddish


THREE MONTH GUIDE TO EVENTS IN THE UK AND BEYOND N o te t h a t we a ls o have an em a i l u p d a te s e r v i c e . I f you a re a s u b s c r ib e r em a i l u p d a te s@ je w is h r e n a is s a n c e .o r g .u k to s ig n on

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