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KATRIN SPRANGER Freshwater resources are limited and need to be protected in terms of quantity and quality. To raise awareness of the global water crisis, Katrin Spranger has chosen this topic to create a comprehensive body of craft and performance objects such as drinking bottles, cleaning devices, water storage and bathing vessels. The pieces aim to challenge consumption, value perception and depletion of water, and straddle the line between function, imagined function and decoration. Some vessels display water like a veneration, others show only traces of its history. All objects are made of copper and glass, materials that have been used traditionally for transporting and storing water. Shapes have been inspired by pipes and plumbing parts and the pieces are executed by electroforming.

CONTACT Cockpit Arts Cockpit Yard, Northington Street London WC1N 2NP UK +44 (0)7450 257207


Aquatopia - Drinking Vessel, 2016 H25×W15×D10 cm Copper, glass, leather, rubber, silicone Photo: Jamie Trounce



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