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This year sees the continuation of Collect Spotlights, with a select group of galleries invited to put on displays with an innovative or experimental edge.


Woolf VI (Orlando), bound in 2016 Fine bookbinding 22×15×2 cm Photo: Shannon Tofts


Rainforest (detail), 2018 Porcelain installation specially conceived for Collect 272×200 cm Photo: Christopher Pillitz

Following on from the success of last year’s launch, Collect Spotlights 2018 will again provide selected galleries with an opportunity to create dedicated displays for experiment-driven work by individual artists – a testament to Collect’s mission to champion the contemporary, the thought-provoking and the innovative.

Collect Spotlights for 2018 can be found at the following galleries (see the map on page 168 for location within the fair):

Designer Bookbinders jaggedart Tansey Contemporary Ting-Ying Vessel

Designer Bookbinders will be presenting Woolf I–IX by Annette Friedrich. This new series of fine bindings encompasses all of Virginia Woolf’s nine novels and is the result of Friedrich’s project On a Stroll with Mrs Woolf. Over the course of seven years the artist has bound the books in chronological order, developing a fractionalised visual language that parallels Woolf’s explicit, experimental style of writing. Each book is a stepping stone to the next. Friedrich will be present throughout the show.

Rainforest by Valeria Nascimento is an immersive installation showcased by jaggedart, arranged as a large mobile of thin lines of tiny petals, flowers, seeds and branches which will hang from ceiling to floor, playing with shadows and producing soothing sounds. Nascimento explains: ‘My installation comprises thousands of suspended porcelain pieces. As people approach it, some of the elements will move, creating soft clinks similar to light rainfall or crushing foliage. An assortment of organic forms will be used to offer the impression of a rainforest, taking the viewer on a journey through different flora and peaceful scenery.’


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