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Continuing the natural theme, Tansey Contemporary will be highlighting Ran Adler’s Meet Me Under The Acacia Tree.  Drawn to elements of nature, Adler uses a variety of organic materials – seedpods, horsetail reeds, mahogany pods, sea grapes – to create his works. Through a process of gathering, sorting, cutting, weaving, wiring and sometimes burning, he explores the essence of repetition found in various religious cultures. As he explains: ‘For me, as I work on the tapestry of my life story, I find the repetitive nature of my art to be a form of prayer and a path to strengthen my personal discipline.’

Meanwhile, Ting-Ying will be focusing on Vezzini & Chen’s Water and Sand as its inaugural Collect Spotlight presentation. Vezzini, originally from Italy, and Chen, from Taiwan, layer different materials and techniques within this installation, demonstrating their artful marriage of hand-carved ceramics and blown glass at its most imaginative. Milk-white, limpid, translucent, opaque; these inherent material qualities are further enhanced with the skilful application of Venetian glass-cutting techniques like battuto and intaglio.


Meet Me Under The Acacia Tree (detail) Acacia thorns Photo: Courtesy of Tansey Contemporary


Water and Sand, 2017 Porcelain, glass, gold lustre, brass Photo: Sylvain Deleu


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