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1 LAUREN COLLIN Collin’s work, inspired by nature and everything observed around her, creates new perspectives. It cannot be totally intangible, or it would escape us entirely.

Untitled, 2017, Arches paper Photo: Galerie Dutko Represented by Galerie Dutko (stand 4.1)

2 JAMES OUGHTIBRIDGE Curved sections of clay are constructed with numerous planes and perspectives, inviting the viewer to peer inside to a world of contorted shadows. Pieces often appear to float with no visible flat base, creating a tension with their surroundings.

Jet Black Blade Form, 2017, Stoneware ceramic Represented by Joanna Bird Contemporary Collections (stand 2.1)

3 KATIE SPRAGG Spragg’s work is inspired by the relationship between the way we cultivate nature and how it grows freely, uninvited and independently.

The Glasshouse, 2017 Porcelain, glass, wood, steel, aluminium, concrete Made in collaboration with Geoffrey Hagger Represented by Cynthia Corbett Gallery (stand 6.3)

4 MATTHIAS CONTZEN ‘Perfection, beauty and truth always existed and eternally will exist as a concept,’ says Contzen. ‘I see it as my artistic challenge to approach these qualities as much as possible and transcribe them into matter.’

Sphere, 2018, Marble Photo: Galerie Dutko Represented by Galerie Dutko (stand 4.1)

5 FERRI GARCÈS Paper, both rare and ordinary, is the favourite material of Garcès. Using meticulous folds, she transforms paper into leaves, flowers, butterflies, seaweed and shells, lively, organic compositions whose textures and harmony of colour invite us to travel in a magical and poetic universe.

ZZ, 2017, Paper Photo: Ferri Garcès Represented by Collection Ateliers D’art De France (stand 5.5)


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