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CONTACT GALLERY Via Forcella, 7 20144 Milan Italy +39 025 656 8164

Established in 2014, ESH Gallery represents international artists whose work engages the concept of space and natural elements. With an emphasis on contemporary ceramics, metalwork, glass and organic materials (such as paper and lacquer), ESH’s artists use traditional techniques, crossing the boundaries between art and design. Special attention on Japanese aesthetics has been the focus of the majority of shows held at the gallery since its inception. ESH works with international artists including Takeshi Igawa and Yoshiaki Kojiro, the finalists of the prestigious LOEWE Craft Prize 2017, Sueharu Fukami, and Shinya Tanoue who won the judge’s award in the International Ceramics competition in MINO.

ARTISTS Domitilla Biondi, paper Sueharu Fukami, ceramics Fuku Fukumoto, ceramics Takeshi Igawa, urushi lacquer ki Izumi, glass Yoichiro Kamei, ceramics Yoshiaki Kojiro, glass Natsuki Kurimoto, urushi lacquer Shingo Muramoto, urushi lacquer Yoshihiko Murata, urushi lacquer Akio Niisato, ceramics Fumie Sasai, urushi lacquer Shinya Tanoue, ceramics

STAFF Riccardo Sorani, Founder and director Benedetta Jann, Gallery assistant


Structural Blue, 2017 H19.5×W25.5×D25 cm Glass, copper oxide



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