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CONTENTS No. 307 March/April 2018






EMBRACE IT Our delight in spring reflects our connection in Nature,

argues Andreas Weber 15 THE TELLING SOUND OF SPRING Kate Blincoe listens to the song of the skylark 16 A SHARED PATH TO A FLOURISHING

FOOD SYSTEM Philip Lymbery of Compassion in World Farming tells

Marianne Brown how factory farms threaten wild species 18 A GREEN REVOLUTION

RUNS INTO TROUBLE Neema Pathak Broome and Ashish Kothari find a gulf between green rhetoric and reality in Ecuador

Cover image: Emerald Love by Tiffany Lynch


22 THE LIFE REQUIRED At a time of ecological and economic crisis, we must recast our ideas of economics, argues David W. Orr


28 COMPASSION IS THE BEST MEDICINE Julian Abel and Lindsay Clarke reflect on a successful community project that has cut hospital admissions by reducing social isolation 32 DOES MY DOG LOVE ME? Carl Safina argues for acknowledging complex emotions in animals 34 MAKING FASHION A FORCE FOR GOOD Emily Jupp reports on a campaign to reform the garment industry

NEW ONLINE A Manifesto for Compassionate Communities, to accompany our Frontline report on page 4 and feature Compassion is the Best Medicine (page 28) in this issue Defend the Sacred: Sue Bayliss reports from Portugal on a coming together of environmental and Indigenous activists Living with animals, living in Nature: an online gallery featuring the art of

Dee Nickerson, whose illustration accompanies our feature Does My Dog Love Me? (page 32) Fiona Carnie on education – time for a change in our schools The stories environmentalists across the globe are talking about, plus opinion pieces and reviews. Check for new daily content, including regular analysis of key political issues. Contact:

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March/April 2018

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