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When Saturday Comes No 374 April 2018

A team huddle in front of the Cottage

REGULARS 5 Editorial The FA’s dea l w i t h Qat a r h a s l i t t l e t o do w i t h improv i ng Engl a nd ’s s t a nd a rd of f ootba l l a nd everything to do with the 2030 World Cup 6 Sidelines Ham-fisted protests at the London Stadium;

Os s e t t management ; broadc a s t i ng ’s new dea l ; Pau l St ewa r t t e l l s of h i s abu s e ; Aberdeen’s stadium plans lack ambition 12 Shot! Rushall Olympic host Workington in a

Northern Premier League Premier Division match at Da l e s L a ne 15 Harry Pearson column Football is all about winning, but winning is not all about scoring goals, as many defensively mindedmanagers have proved

As Deeney’s value has spiralled, Walsall fans have greedily eyed each transfer window with growing excitement Sell-on clauses p16

24 Focus on Uwe Seeler, the ruthlessly prolific German striker with terrible World Cup timing 38 World view Atlético Torque, the Uruguayan club now part of Manchester C i t y ’s empi r e ; t he pl a n t o r e v i ve North America’s dormant national teams 40 Books Hand over heart; Lough justice; having a Ball;

RayoVallecanorevealed 42 Letters It’s time football cracked down on timewasting, so my suggestion is to…

46 Season in brief H i be r n i a n w i n a w i de - open S cot t i sh t op f l i ght

FEATURES 16 Moving daze Sell-on clauses give lower-league fans a new sport – transfer watching; Jack Rodwell proves player power has gone too far 18 Trade disagreement Young players from Africa are increasingly being exploited by traffickers who promise them a rich life in European football 20 Match of the month Two of the Championship’s form teams meet at the characterful Craven Cottage for a d i s t i nc t c l a sh of s t yle s


Everyone’s been provided with clappers, which are like vuvuzelas for the short of breath Fulham v Aston Villa p20

26 Neville say never Neville Southall has become a banner around which left-leaning supporters can rally 28 Greek myths Panionios remain proud of their refugee roots;

Et hn i ko s P i r aeu s – s o nea r ye t s o f a r 32 Augmented reality Internet forums remain an important place for fans to share thoughts beyond the match; lack of time and click-based advertising has hurt independent online football writing 35 Still with us Stockport’s incredible rise was followed by a r ap i d f a l l but t hey a r e f i n a l l y s t ab i l i s i ng 36 Team Spirit: Oxford United Rumours used to be much more personal;

dropping into non-League isn’t fun for long

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