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Issue 50


Editor Lucy Upward Executive Editor Ben Evans Assistant Editors Malin Lonnberg, Rachel Meek Contributing Editors Denna Jones, Corinne Julius, Katie Loux, Elisabeth Parker, Haniya Rae, Ros Weaver Design Kanittha Mairaing, Alice Pomfret Production Liz Dixon Head of Sales & Marketing David Young Media Sales Executive Kinga Bajerska Ad & Event Sales Raquel Diaz Downey Subscriptions Lynn Butler

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Our tribal society

I wanted to go some way towards illustrating the diverse nature of the industry by offering a voice to a rich selection of individuals

When interviewing Haynes Robinson for this issue, he commented, ‘The rug industry is like a tribe, full of passionate people. There is a camaraderie about it even if we are competing,’ a remark I not only liked and agreed with but one that gave me pause for thought. The global rug community comprises a fascinatingly diverse and international group of people—what collective noun applies to rug people (a herd, a colony, a pandemonium?)? For COVER’s 50th issue I wanted to go some way towards illustrating the diverse nature of the industry by offering a voice to a rich selection of individuals from the international rug market, from the designing, making, producing, marketing, retailing and specifying of rugs.

The 50th issue of COVER reports on 50 inspiring designers, influencers, events, viewpoints, collections, books, interiors and trends. We travel to Nepal to look at a day in the life of rug weaver Sunita Rai, while Haynes Robinson shares his experience of working a variety of rug-industry jobs (though none of them as a weaver). Berlin-based designer Birgit Krah writes about her enjoyment of the new book on Iranian interior design, Behind Closed Curtains, while Nasser Nishaburi’s latest Silence collection offers us a glimpse of production in the same country. Rug buyer for Perigold, Karley Dunn, shares her insights into retailing at the new online brand, while interior designers Barclay Butera and Angelo Adamo offer their perspective on High Point Market and three visitors to Domotex choose their best in show. We report on new publication Radical Matter that showcases designers working with discarded materials, there are textile artist happenings in Prato at the creative space Lottozero and we marvel at rugs made of manipulated plant roots from innovative artist Diana Scherer. From page to page the focus moves from Mesopotamian wool to 21st-century #RugLife as told to us by the industry’s twenty-somethings. All of these characters are united under a common appreciation for woven art.

As well as the issue’s 50 articles, I am also pleased to publish the 50 best rugs from COVER’s 13-year life, chosen by a selection of buyers, retailers, designers and members of the rug ‘colony’. The final 50 are a mix of many new pieces from recent years and a wide variety of older ‘classics’ to remind us of where we have already been and perhaps hint at where we should be going.

Lucy Upward, Editor

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