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Hitler and Film The Führer’s Hidden Passion Bill Niven What role did film play in Hitler’s life and in his terrible vision for the world? This pioneering work debunks myths and explores new dimensions of Hitler’s influence on film in Nazi Germany. Drawing on groundbreaking research, Bill Niven provides concrete evidence of Hitler’s viewing habits, financing of films, and relationships with actors and actresses. Hardback £25.00

Turncoat Benedict Arnold and the Crisis of American Liberty Stephen Brumwell Why did the once-ardent hero of the American Revolutionary cause become its most infamous traitor? The author’s research in previously unexplored archives sheds new light on General Benedict Arnold and how his mystifying defection to the British was actually driven by personal honour and a deep concern for America’s best interests. Hardback £25.00

Trading in War London’s Maritime World in the Age of Cook and Nelson Margarette Lincoln Full of vivid stories, this immersive and meticulously researched study of London’s riverside districts in the 18th century fills a gap in our knowledge. It reveals the lives of ordinary people who played a crucial role in Britain’s fight to sustain its global maritime trade and, eventually, defeat Napoleonic France. Hardback £25.00

The Siege of Acre, 1189 – 1191 Saladin, Richard the Lionheart, and the Battle That Decided the Third Crusade John D. Hosler An epic recounting of the most decisive military engagement of the Third Crusade, here is the first comprehensive history of the Siege of Acre when the armies of England’s Richard the Lionheart and King Philip Augustus of France confronted the formidable Ayyubids of the Egyptian Sultan Saladin. Hardback £25.00




In Pursuit of Civility Manners and Civilization in Early Modern England Keith Thomas A peerless study of the place of civility in the shaping of English society between the early 16th and the late 18th centuries from renowned historian Keith Thomas. Displaying a true master’s grasp of the period, Thomas offers a compelling and wide-ranging analysis of the connections between changing notions of civility, the justification of colonial expansion and the invention of race. Hardback £25.00

Persian Gulf Command A History of the Second World War in Iran and Iraq Ashley Jackson This dynamic history is the first to construct a total picture of the experience and impact of World War II in Iran and Iraq. The importance of these two countries to the Allied forces’ war operations has not been properly acknowledged, Jackson contends, and he details the damaging effects of Western intervention. Hardback £25.00

A Little History of Archaeology Brian Fagan What is archaeology? Golden pharaohs, lost civilizations and Ice Age cave art? Archaeology is all of these, but also far more: the only science to encompass the entire 3,000,000-year span of human history! For curious readers of every age, this absolutely up-to-date book explores archaeology’s history of controversies, discoveries, heroes and scoundrels, global sites and newest methods. Hardback £14.99

Gardens and Gardening in Early Modern England and Wales Jill Francis Exploring the less extravagant gardens of the 16th and 17th century British county gentry, this beautifully illustrated book presents a picture of gardeners and their daily activities. Published in association with the Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art 200 colour + b/w illus. Hardback £35.00

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