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CONTENTS editor rey sager mary reid kelley me words about the image algernon charles swinburne pasiphae poems barry schwabsky five cara benson thre stephanie berger the waters broke amy silbergeld two john lata to style laura mullen naturally jese drury long view brian kim stefans two cecilia pavón thre (trans. stuart krimko) zachary schomburg from agnes the elephant sandra simonds the lake ella variations evie shockley two jenifer kronovet thre jeff nagy four karen brenan two dawn marie knopf from the aerial critiques jericho brown security jeny zhang two sara suter the spoted hyena jon wodward from 19 sets of instructions for movement games for one or more players, which can also be a commentary track to the movie “2001: a space odysey” don me choi two bret defries four eric amling two rodney koeneke log in to unmask ben purkert breakdown of 21st century ad imagery vii

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