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V O L U M E 1 3 I S S U E 4 J U L Y 2 0 1 4

2 Your say… Readers’ letters 3 From the editor Janet Levin What’s New 4 Our new home We’ve moved to JW3! 5 The way things look The world through art student eyes News from Greece 25-year-old to become new Chief Rabbi 6 Torah on the moon? The sacred book to go intergalactic 8 Building bridges in Morocco

Young Moroccans celebrate Jewish culture 9 Working together to plant trees

Intercultural co-operation in rural Morocco The dignity he deserves A new headstone for artist Simeon Solomon Soap box 10 Killing Jews in Brussels is different to voting against Brussels David Cesarani

Jewish Paris 12 Gefilte fish with couscous

Natasha Lehrer and Philippe Boukara take a whistle-stop tour of the community Timeline Thirza Valois 13 Answering Napoleon Michael Goldfarb on the Great Sanhedrin 14 Dreyfus through new eyes Judi Herman talks to Robert Harris about his book, soon to be film, An Officer and a Spy 16 A survivor’s story Rebecca Taylor interviews Lady Lipworth CBE 18 Reparation Jane Metter talks to students at the Lycée Racine 19 The Trail blazer: Pauline Bebe

Rebecca Taylor talks to the pioneering rabbi 20 Beyond Le Marais Rebecca Taylor finds some Jewish soul in unlikely places 23 Paris in a pitta bread Natasha Lehrer on the Jewish impact on Parisian culture 24 Ones to watch: The Parisians who are making cultural waves 26 When You Go to Paris....

What to see when you visit the city of light 28 Poets on Paris Our poetry editor

Liz Cashdan selects her favourites



Musicians of tomorrow 42

Cover image: David El Shatran See ‘Ones to Watch’ page 24 Photo ©Yannick Aleksandrowicz

Max Weber 44

Listings 29 What’s Happening Our exclusive three month guide to art, theatre, film, music and cultural events in the UK and beyond

37 Welcome to Edinburgh!

Judi Herman’s Edinburgh Festival highlights 38 What to do in Israel this summer?

Agi Erdos tempts you from the beach 39 TRY THIS! Living in the moment

Bev Cohen discovers Jewish meditation Film 40 A night at the Movies Judi Herman admires short films by students at Tel Aviv University Film School Music 41 Matisyahu’s odyssey Danielle Goldstein on the mystery of the chasidic star’s sidelocks 42 Musicians of tomorrow Judi Herman uncovers a remarkable project in Israel Art 44 Pioneer Modernist Percy North on the art of Max Weber 46 Anne and Avigdor Sophia Reitman

Voignac and Lucy Raitz on the life of Avigdor Arikha 48 Breathing new life Parisian artist Carole

Benzaken talks to Sophia Reitman Voignac Books 49 British Jewish Writing Maureen Kendler takes Ruth Gilbert’s Writing Jewish as a cue to examine recent trends 51 Fields of Exile reviewed by

Shoshana Ish-Horovicz In the Courtyard of the Kabbalist reviewed by Judith Mirzoeff 52 To Rise Again at a Decent Hour reviewed by Deborah Brooks The Jewish Candidate reviewed by

Vesna Domany Hardy 53 The House of Twenty Thousand Books reviewed by David Herman 54 The Story of the Jews reviewed by

Peter Falush

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