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When Saturday Comes No 375 May 2018

A midfield battle on Maidstone’s 3G pitch

REGULARS 5 Editorial The World Cup is already giving politicians a ch a nce t o make f ool s of t hemselve s 6 Sidelines Burnley go international; Northern Ireland consider a summer f ling; futsal the saviour; Allen’sbuzzreturns;Scottishfinancialtheatre 12 Shot! A s t ad iu m r en am i ng a nd ple nt y of s now at

Oldham Athletic v Portsmouth 15 Harry Pearson column Football supporters love a wild conspiracy theory to explain away a defeat 24 Focus on Téofilo Cubillas – the Peru star who Scotland undere s t imated t o t he i r pe r i l

No other professions would be allowed to effectively have children carrying out near-adult roles while in education Youth football p18

36 Euro view End of a controversial era at Anderlecht;

women’s game breaking through in Spain 38 World view Colu mbus C r ew f a n s f i ght i ng t o s t op t he i r c lub mov i ng 1 , 20 0 m i l e s away 40 Books Graham Taylor’s family dynamic; Klopp’s Kop;

Lee Howey sings it loud; West Brom’s stalwart 42 Letters Talking of impersonating a footballer…

46 Season in brief Unprecedented points deductions take their toll throughout League Two FEATURES 16 Ross the boss

The Scottish MP who moonlights as a referee 17 Bench unimpressed Re l eg at i ng s t a r pl aye r s t o s ubs t i t ute s i s a ploy that can often backfire for managers 18 Young enterprise

The academy system is damaging the majority of its children’s long-term prospects; local coaches are key to Argentina’s production line 21 Spurned lovers The season ticket prices for Tottenham’s new ground show how little they value loyalty


The pitch looks darker and drab, more uniform. The difference is there are no lines mown into it by the groundsman Maidstone United v Sutton United p26

22 Staffs turnover Tamworth focus on community work to attract locals; Stafford Rangers struggle to improve on their mid-life crisis 26 Match of the month Plastic pitches are gone but not forgotten,

with Maidstone and Sutton desperate for their descendants to be accepted as soon as possible 30 Closed-circuit training Public screenings of matches go back to the

1950s,withbeambacksremainingpopular 34 Team Spirit: Sheffield United How cricket nearly stumped Bramall Lane;

good times back for the Blades – for now 39 Language classes From Brazil’s cow dribble to doing a “Dundee

United” in Nigeria – global football cliches

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