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A renowned Sinologist uncovers the inner world of the Chinese Communist Party

China’s Dream The Culture of Chinese Communism and the Secret Sources of its Power KERRY BROWN

The Communist Party of China is one of the great political forces of modern times. In charge of the destiny of a fifth of humanity, it survives despite the collapse of similar systems elsewhere. Few however understand the sources of this resilience, or, for that matter, what the Party itself stands for. China’s Dream is the first book to explore the Communist Party as a cultural, rather than a political, entity. It looks at the narratives the Party has created to recount its own history, with the moral story about national rejuvenation and renaissance that these encode. Drawing on his extensive knowledge of contemporary China, Kerry Brown takes us on a unique journey through the least understood aspect of China today – not the great economic revolution in the material world, but the deep cultural revolution already underway in Chinese people’s daily lives. KERRY BROWN is the Director of the Lau China Institute at King’s College London and Associate for Chinese Affairs at Chatham House. With 30 years’ experience of life in China, he has worked in education, business and government, including a term as First Secretary at the British Embassy in Beijing. He writes regularly for the Times Literary Supplement, The Observer, The Diplomat and Foreign Affairs, as well as for many international and Chinese media outlets. He is the author of ten books on China, including the Amazonbestselling CEO China:The Rise of Xi Jinping, and The New Emperors.

229 x 152mm | 208 pages | September 2018

HB | 978-1-5095-2456-3 £55.00 | $69.95 | €71.90 PB | 978-1-5095-2457-0 £16.99 | $24.95 | €21.90

ebook available

“In this lucid, accessible, impressively succinct book, Kerry Brown explores the CCP’s approaches to history, ethics, ideology and aesthetics, all of which cut to the heart of the Party’s culture and self-definition. There’s an admirably clear trajectory in the way that the book traces Party history up to Xi Jinping and demonstrates how Xi has tried to avert the various existential crises threatening the Party since 2012.”

– Julia Lovell, Birkbeck College, University of London

“An ambitious and successful attempt to unearth the cultural, moral and historical influences that underpin the thinking and actions of the CCP, both today and during China’s recent past. This book questions many long-held and narrow assumptions about the role of the ruling party in China. Highly recommended to students of Chinese politics and specialists in the field.”

– Dr Robert Weatherley, Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, University of Cambridge



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