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Georg Simmel is one of the founding figures of sociology, as well as being a major philosopher. His writings on money, metropolises, and modernity have inspired generations of thinkers. In this book leading expert Thomas Kemple clearly introduces Simmel’s sociological and philosophical work, ranging from his masterpiece The Philosophy of Money to his famous essays. He situates his writings within their intellectual context, and analyzes them in light of current debates surrounding urban sociology and social networks, phenomenology and metaphysics, and the study of everyday life. He brings Simmel’s most famous works into conversation with other lesser known writings on nature, art, religion, and sexuality. This highly readable book captures the innovative spirit of Simmel’s unique method of thinking about cultural objects and his original style of writing about social life. It will be the leading guide to Simmel’s thought for generations of students and scholars. THOMAS KEMPLE is Professor of Sociology at the University of British Columbia.

Series: Classic Thinkers

229 x 152mm | 224 pages | December 2018

HB | 978-1-5095-2110-4 £55.00 | $69.95 | €71.90 PB | 978-1-5095-2111-1 £16.99 | $24.95 | €21.90

ebook available

An Invitation to Social Theory Second Edition


Social theory is a crucial resource for the social sciences. It provides rich insights into how human beings think and act, and how contemporary social life is constructed. But often the key ideas of social theorists are expressed in highly technical and difficult language that can hide more than it reveals. The new edition of this popular book continues to cut to the core of what social theory is about. Covering key themes from the classical thinkers onwards, including Marxism, post-structuralism, phenomenology, feminism, and more, the second edition features new material on Actor-Network Theory and an enhanced discussion of post-colonial theory. Wide-ranging in scope and coverage, the book is concise in presentation and free from jargon. Showing why social theory matters, and why it is of far-reaching social and political importance, the new edition is ideal for those seeking a clear, crisp mapping of a complex but very rewarding area. DAVID INGLIS is Professor of Sociology at the University of Exeter. CHRISTOPHER THORPE is Lecturer in Sociology at the University of Exeter.

229 x 152mm | 336 pages | November 2018

HB | 978-1-5095-0639-2 £60.00 | $74.95 | €77.90 PB | 978-1-5095-0640-8 £17.99 | $26.95 | €23.90

ebook available



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