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210 x 140mm | 326 pages | April 2018 HB | 978-1-5095-1347-5 £60.00 | $74.95 | €77.90 PB | 978-1-5095-1348-2 £15.99 | $19.95 | €20.90 ebook available

Series: Digital Media and Society 210 x 148mm | 180 pages | August 2018 HB | 978-0-7456-6018-9 £50.00 | $64.95 | €65.90 PB | 978-0-7456-6019-6 £14.99 | $19.95 | €19.90 ebook available

Making is Connecting The social power of creativity, from craft and knitting to digital everything Second Edition DAVID GAUNTLETT The first edition of Making is Connecting struck a chord with crafters, YouTubers, makers, music producers, artists, and coders alike. Gauntlett argues that through making things – online and offline – people want to make their mark, and to make connections. This shift from a “sit-back-and-be-told culture” to a “making-and-doing culture” means that a vast array of people are exchanging their own ideas, videos, and other creative material online, as well as engaging in real-world crafts, music projects, and hands-on experiences. Drawing on evidence from psychology, politics, philosophy, and economics, Gauntlett shows that this everyday creative engagement is necessary and essential for the happiness and survival of modern societies. This fully revised second edition includes many new sections, as well as three new chapters on creative processes, do-it-yourself strategies, and platforms for creativity. DAVID GAUNTLETT is Professor of Creativity and Design at the University of Westminster, UK.

YouTube Online Video and Participatory Culture Second Edition JEAN BURGESS & JOSHUA GREEN Originally published in 2009 when YouTube was only four years old, this book was the first to systematically investigate its cultural impacts and politics. Since then, YouTube has grown as a platform and matured as a company. While preserving the original edition’s forensic analysis of YouTube’s early popular culture and uses, this fully revised and updated edition weaves fresh examples, updated theoretical perspectives and comparative historical insights throughout each of its six chapters. Burgess and Green show how YouTube’s dual logics of commerciality and community have persisted, generating new genres of popular culture, new professional identities and business models for the media industries, and giving rise to ongoing platform governance challenges. JEAN BURGESS is Professor of Digital Media and Director of the Digital Media Research Centre at Queensland University of Technology. JOSHUA GREEN is a Solution Principal in the Customer Strategy practice at Slalom, a purpose-driven business and technology consulting firm.


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