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216 x 138mm | 140 pages | September 2018 HB | 978-1-5095-3056-4 £40.00 | $49.95 | €51.90 PB | 978-1-5095-3057-1 £12.99 | $14.95 | €16.90 ebook available

Down to Earth Politics in the New Climatic Regime BRUNO LATOUR Translated by Catherine Porter The present ecological mutation has organized the whole political spectrum for the last thirty years and is at least partly responsible for the deadly cocktail of exploding inequalities, massive deregulation, and inversion of the dream of globalization into a nightmare for most people. The Left has been very slow to turn its attention to this new situation. It is still organized along an axis that goes from investment in local values to the hope of globalization – just when, everywhere, people are turning back to the protection of national or even ethnic borders. It is urgent to shift sideways and to define politics as what leads toward the Earth and not toward the global or the national. Belonging to a territory is the phenomenon most in need of rethinking, and bringing us down to earth is the task of politics today. BRUNO LATOUR is one of the world’s leading sociologists and anthropologists. He taught at the École des Mines in Paris from 1982 to 2006 and he is now Professor and Vice-President for Research at Institut d’études politiques (Sciences Po). His many books include Laboratory Life, We Have Never Been Modern, Reassembling the Social and Facing Gaia.

190 x 124mm | 80 pages | October 2018 HB | 978-1-5095-3259-9 £35.00 | $45.00 | €44.90 PB | 978-1-5095-3260-5 £9.99 | $12.95 | €12.90 ebook available

I know there are so many of you ALAIN BADIOU Translated by Susan Spitzer In these two lectures, delivered to large numbers of young people who gathered in Paris to hear him speak, philosopher Alain Badiou argues that we are still firmly rooted in the Neolithic era, subjugated by the structures of political power – property, family and state. He calls for a second revolution to restore to each person their freedom and agency. Through an analysis of recent attempts at political organization, including the Arab Spring, Occupy and Nuit debout, Badiou shows that progress toward this goal will only be achieved through an emphasis on sameness, not difference. This rallying cry to the young from one of France’s most renowned radical thinkers will appeal to the many who read and follow his work and to the millions of young people around the world who are passionate about redressing the deeply entrenched inequalities and divisions in our societies today. ALAIN BADIOU is a writer, philosopher and an Emeritus Professor at the École normale supérieure, Paris.


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