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34 Eliza Douglas words by Matt Williams

36 Lee Lozano's Private Books words by Julia Trotta

37 Marciano Art Foundation words by Eli Diner

38 Planet X words by Alexandre Stipanovich

40 Zeitz MOCAA words by Cristina Travaglini

41 Lawrence Abu Hamdan words by Chris McCormack

42 Olivia Erlanger interview by Ruba Katrib

44 Fontana's Environments words by Marta Papini

45 Petra Collins: Coming of Age words by Isabelle Sicardi


50 Matthew Angelo Harrison interview by A. Will Brown

52 Hot Cactus words by Andrew Berardini

53 Shahryar Nashat interview by Myriam Ben Salah

54 Wang Newone words by Francesca Girelli

56 Luke Willis Thompson interview by Attilia Fattori Franchini

57 BEA1991 words by Imogene Strauss

46 Items: Is Fashion Modern? words by Christopher Schreck

48 180 The Strand words by George Vasey

49 Hard to Read interview by Travis Diehl

58 Cali Thornhill DeWitt words by Calum Gordon

60 Paris Internationale words by Martha Kirszenbaum

61 Elise de Olsen Interview by Allison Fonder

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