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(Vol.XXIX, No.3) ❙ June 2018 CONTENTS




Exploring 6,000 years of Cambridgeshire’s past along the A14 Major road improvement works on the A14 are providing the opportunity to investigate an entire historic landscape over six millennia. With finds spanning the Neolithic to medieval periods, the excavations offer a unique glimpse into the lives of the people who once called this region home. 26 THE ROMAN WAY OF DEATH

Investigating life and loss in Londinium While many of the customs of our forebears may seem quite remote or foreign, death is one thing that unites every human, regardless of the period in which they live. A new exhibition at the Museum of London Docklands explores this connection through the diverse Roman practices surrounding death and burial in the multicultural hub that was Londinium. 34 A WICKED NOAH’S ARK

Exercise Magwitch and the prisoners of Rat Island It had long been rumoured that a tiny island in Portsmouth harbour housed the graves of Georgian convicts and prisoners of war. When burials became exposed by storms, it seemed that there was some truth to the legend. MoD archaeologists have been working to rescue these graves from the tide, and aiming to solve the mystery of their occupants.




Pioneering archaeology in Norfolk – and beyond In a career spanning seven decades, Peter WadeMartins has left an indelible mark on archaeology in Norfolk. Here, we take a tour from his early schoolboy days organising archaeology events for his classmates, to his revolutionary time at university helping pioneer government-supported archaeology, through to more recent years promoting the preservation of heritage and the environment. 52 LIKE A ROLLING STONE

Experimental archaeology at Stonehenge Archaeologists and members of the public recently came together on Salisbury Plain in an experiment exploring how a bluestone may have been moved. It took a Herculean effort that left the group feeling united with accomplishment – might the collaborative act of constructing Stonehenge have been as important to its Neolithic builders as its final purpose?

Neolithic builders as its final purpose?




JUNE 2018

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