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June Design


27 Scene Data trouble, the gender gap and Centre Point make our scabrous take on the news 29 Show round-up Highlights from Clerkenwell Design Week and Design Joburg 38 Diary Coming up: Gordon MattaClark in Paris and a raft of eclectic design weeks 41 Crime against design Max Fraser on that bane of business and conferences: the lanyard 43 Opinion A humongous corporate bauble hangs over Stratford on the cover The Space Needle in Seattle designed by John Graham & Company

46 Remoulding plastic As the world wakes up to the cost of disposable plastics, designers point to a way forward 55 Remaking tradition In southern Japan, a 400-year porcelain industry stands at the crossroads 67 Emerging studio LeviSarha straddle the line between the serious and the experimental 72 World at their feet How good design and popular culture propelled trainers from athletics to ubiquity 82 Growing pains With the boons and pitfalls of government funding, can Singapore’s burgeoning design culture flourish? 90 Icon of the month Achille Castiglioni’s ingenious solution to a perennial bugbear

Architecture Review

92 View from the top Seattle’s Space Needle has proved more than a symbol of Cold War one-upmanship 104 Club classics As the sun slowly sets on clubbing culture, an exhibition captures its golden age 116 Urban mind games Chipperfield, Simon Kretz and urban design students take on Bishopsgate Goodsyard 128 Icon of the month The humanism of Paolo Monti, one of Italy’s greatest architectural photographers 131 Photo story Shrouded in a yellow mist and shorn of people, Copenhagen becomes cinematic

148 Review: Junya Ishigami An exhibition of the Japanese architect’s models reconnects us to the everyday and the poetic 152 Review: America’s Cool Modernism The Ashmolean Museum takes a trip back to the jazz age 154 Review: Made in the USSR A new book spotlights the design of the postRevolutionary Soviet Union 156 What Building? Whet your wit with the fourth edition of Tom Ravenscroft’s quiz

June 2018



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