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CLINICAL Tests, scans and investigations, 13.


How to undertake pul se oximetry Ian Peate Series 3. Wound infection 3:1.


The wound infection continuum expl ained Menna Lloyd Jones Urinary incontinence: a distressing symptom 221 that is often treat able Linda Nazarko Rare health conditions 12. Rickets, 228 Alport syndr ome, scurvy, spinocerebellar ataxia 3 Chris Barber

PROFESSIONAL How ‘SMART’ are your patient goals?


David Stonehouse Are you interested in doing further training? 236 Part 2/2 Angela Grainger Rest, rehydrate, refuel 244 Royal College of Nursing Caring for the trans community 246 Ian Peate

HEALTH MATTERS Editorial: Looking forward to 70



: AdobeStock/h

Peter Bradley Hospital admissions due to falls by


older people set t o reach nearly 1000 a day Alan Harris Climate change in the UK: what will be 250 the impact on health, mortal ity and frontline NHS services? All-Party Parliamentary Climate Group, All-Party Parliamentary Health Group, Lancet Countdown and UK Health Alliance on Climate Change Urgent change needed in pancreatic cancer care 254 Pancreatic Cancer UK Last page. Scales tipped for success for 258 football-mad Ben Nicki Sampson Cover image

221  Incontinence and how to treat it

246  Respect is key in trans care

258  Football as therapy

British Journal of Healthcare Assistants May 2018 Vol 12 No 5 211

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