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Contents June 2018

June 2018


Planet China

20 When China rules the world

Xi Jinping’s ambitions are global plus The thinkers shaping China 28 China’s Outback

Australia and its uneasy new alliance 32 Young China—patriotic and conservative Don’t bank on young people for a more liberal China




34 The Corbyn doctrine

The world according to Jeremy Corbyn 40 After Bitcoin

What if money had a memory? 46 They think it’s all over

Is this the end for the World Cup? Prospect Portrait 52 Margaret Atwood

How The Handmaid’s Tale author defines the age


Prospect on Iran Head to for up-to-date analysis of the Iran crisis, including Duncan Weldon on why Trump’s withdrawal from the Nuclear Deal is a threat to the economy as well as security. Plus: Mark Fitzpatrick on why Saudi Arabia wants the bomb

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