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The Known Citizen A History of Privacy in Modern America Sarah E. Igo “A mighty effort to tell the story of modern America as a story of anxieties about privacy… Igo is an intelligent interpreter of the facts… She shows us that although we may feel that the threat to privacy today is unprecedented, every generation has felt that way since the introduction of the postcard.” —The New Yorker


The War Within Diaries from the Siege of Leningrad Alexis Peri Winner of The Pushkin House Russian Book Prize 2018 “A remarkable record of 125 unpublished diaries written by the blokadniki who endured the 872-day siege of Leningrad from 1941-44…. Much has been written about Leningrad’s heroic resistance. But the remarkable aspect of the Boston University professor’s book is that she tells a very different story: recounting the internal struggles of ordinary people desperately trying to survive and make sense of their fate.” —Financial Times


Pandora’s Box A History of the First World War Jörn Leonhard Translated by Patrick Camiller “An epic and magnificent work— unquestionably, for me, the best single-volume history of the war I have ever read… It is the most formidable attempt to make the war to end all wars comprehensible as a whole.” —Simon Heffer, Spectator Belknap Press | £28.95

Vatican I The Council and the Making of the Ultramontane Church John W. O’Malley “Provides an elegant historical narrative.” —Times Higher Education

“A fascinating and dispassionate glimpse into a pivotal and dramatic period of Catholic Church history.”

—Library Journal

Belknap Press | £17.95


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