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Azouz Begag

Lutfiya al-Dulaimi

Ahmad Ali El-Zein

Abdelrashid Mahmoudi

Liana Badr

3 Saif Ghobash Banipal Translation Prize Lecture 2018 10 Nominations for the 2018 Saif Ghobash Banipal Prize for Arabic Literary Tranlsation 11 EDITORIAL 12 Lutfiya al-Dulaimi: Excerpts from the novel Lovers, a

Phonograph and Times, translated by Nancy Roberts 32 Ali Abdulameer Ejam: Lutfiya Dulaimi, Sumerian noblewoman on a balcony 36 Ahmad Ali El Zein: Excerpts from the novel The Seer,

translated by Jonathan Wright 50 Abdo Wazen reviews The Seer by Ahmad Ali El Zein 54 Azouz Begag: An excerpt from his novel Mémoires au

Soleil, translated by Frank Wynne 62 Georgia de Chamberet reviews Mémoires au Soleil:

“Exile is a language” 66 Yahya Wagdi: A poem “Family Photos”, translated by

Raphael Cohen 68 Abdelrashid Mahmoudi: Chapter from his novel After

Coffee, translated by Nashwa Gowenlock LITERARY INFLUENCES 80 Liana Badr: All I Want to Do is Write 93 CELEBRATING 40 YEARS OF ASSILAH FESTIVAL 95 Margaret Obank: Colours, sounds and inspiration 96 Abdul Wahab Badrakhan: A story of cultural passion 104 Chérif Khaznadar: Forty years of love and tolerance

8 BANIPAL 62 – SUMMER 2018

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