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Inspired by classical music

Anima Eterna Brugge The fresh sound of classical masters

Bruges is the base camp of Anima Eterna Brugge: the city's musical ambassador who takes classical masterpieces from Monteverdi to Gershwin to concert stages all around the world. The special thing about this orchestra? Jos van Immerseel and his musicians only use instruments and performance techniques the composer himself knew, to get as close as possible to the original sound. animaeternabrugge

Offered by Alpha Play: a taste of Anima's new concert season

Discover our unique sound in Concertgebouw Brugge

Fri 19.10.18 20:00 More Mozart | Soloist: Jane Gower (bassoon) Anima revisits four pieces by the genius as a twentysome-

thing – from the dramatic Symphony n°29 to the enchanting bassoon concerto.

Sat 09.02.19 20:00 Great Chamber Music | Guest conductor: Jakob Lehmann In Schubert’s Octet and the Septet by Swedish hero Franz

Berwald, richness of sound mixes with intricate counterpoint.

Fri 08.03.19 20:00 Wolf, Mahler & Brahms | Soloist: Thomas Bauer (baritone) A triptych in crescendo: selected songs with piano by Hugo

Wolf, orchestral Lieder by Mahler and Brahms’ Symphony n°1.

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