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The Lady established 1885 • No 64256



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Features 10 Best of the Season From punting


to glamping, the great British summer is a cause of celebration 20 EXCLUSIVE Audrey Hepburn  stunning and rare collection of images of one of the world’s most recognisable icons 24 Colouring In Mindfulness 26 Glamour of Rita Hayworth ames Crawford-Smith shows how to get her look 31 Bob Wilson Cartoon 32 The Beano Grown Up! Minnie the Minx, Fatty Brown, Dennis the Menace and Gnasher are 80! 40 EXCLUSIVE The Three Degrees aureen Paton has a revealing chat with HRH The Prince of Wales’s favourite group 46 Solve It Like Sherlock Are you good at whodunnits? Pit yourself against the great detective 50 HRH The Prince of Wales and Buckingham Palace The exhibition at this year’s summer opening of Buckingham Palace features 100 works of art selected by Prince Charles 56 EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW

WITH Alexander McCall Smith Tells us about 20 years of The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency 60 EXCLUSIVE Short Story Year broad written especially for us by Alexander McCall Smith 68 The Tragic Tale of the Radium

Girls Kate Moore tells the heartwrenching true story of the women who played their part in the Great War and paid the highest price

Animals Special 121 Chubby Pets We meet those desperate to lose weight and win Pet Fit Club 2018 126 Pets on Tour Top tips for travelling with your pet


72 Knit Your Own Boyfriend!

The perfect solution for those in search of love 78 Can Women Take the Lead? Our resident dancer Melonie Clarke gets an expert view from Len Goodman and Shirley Ballas 86 The Best View in Europe HM

The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Galleries at Westminster Abbey 96 Where Has the Milkman Gone?

Paul Barnes remembers the clink of bottles and riding on the back of the float. Those were the days… 110 Colouring In Cats 119 Do Animals Have a Sixth Sense? 150 Solve It Like Sherlock – Solution Regulars 6 The Lady Loves… Some of our favourite things 8 Letters and The Lady and I 19 Jane Green: A Novel Idea ane reminisces about biscuitbinge confessions 37 Him Indoors Ivo is nostalgic 39 MARY FROM GOGGLEBOX

Her Indoors In praise of books 45 The Diary of Miss Darcy Bustle

The Lady’s adorable office dog 45 Social Medea 64 Fashion Summer cocktail party 80 House and Garden Mount tewart in Northern Ireland



27 july 2018 The Lady


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